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To mark the last month of 2020 I have created two new workshops for you to explore during the holiday season.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you might begin to feel your energy reserves dissipate as you enter the cold winter months. This is an invitation from nature to slow down and to dive deep into your internal landscape.

INTO THE BLUE is a 2 hour winter Yin & Sound workshop designed to explore this transition through the subtle body. You will walk away understanding yourself more deeply, giving you more self knowledge and awareness.

In contrast, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere you are entering the hot summer months. It’s the season of joy, excitement and love.

SUMMER LOVING is a 2 hour summer Yin & Sound workshop designed to regulate your energy flow and to keep you cool, calm and collected.  

This workshop will help you to remain balanced so that you can fully enjoy all that summer has to offer.


Are you looking for a unique gift for that special Yogini in your life?

My WISE YOGINI ORACLE CARDS are the perfect gift for all lovers of Yoga.

Crafted with great love, passion, and kindness, this set of 22 major arcana oracle cards are a powerful tool for connecting to your inner wisdom.

During December when you purchase one deck of my Wise Yogini Oracle cards, I will send you a second deck for FREE… one for your loved one, and one for you… Happy holiday season!

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Barbara Courtille

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Yin Yoga Club

A transformational online program that will educate and empower you to apply the right Yin practice at the right time to achieve your specific goals and address your individualised ne

Suitable for intermediate,  experienced practitioners and yoga teachers.

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Chakra Yoga Club

Join me on this exciting self-paced online course to dive deep into the Chakra system.

Suitable for intermediate, experienced practitioners and yoga teachers.

Self-paced Online Course


Treat yourself and spend more time to deepen your practice .

With my series of workshops you can learn more in the comfort of your own home.

Suitable for experienced practitioners.

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