I think we can all agree that 2020 has been the strangest year ever, forcing us to change our way of life whether we like it or not. COVID has been challenging for most of us, and it has also stimulated much-needed social uprising, change and action.

As Yogis we strive to raise our awareness individually and collectively. It’s important that we raise our voices for justice and kindness for all sentient beings, and I’m heartened to see this collective rise in compassion in the wider community. It gives me hope that future generations will experience a more loving and just world.

If you are experiencing financial hardship during this phase please remember that I have free yoga classes available on my YouTube channel. I have created 17 Hatha and Yin classes since the start of Covid and I am adding more as the recession continues. Please subscribe to my channel and share with anyone who may be in need. This is my gift to you X

Chakra Yoga Club is now be available as a 12 month membership. This interactive online course is designed to assist you in deepening your practice, at your own pace and with the support of community in a private Facebook group. It’s super easy to use without any logins or tech knowledge required. Once a week I will be there to connect with you and answer your questions live.

In September I’ll be training yoga teachers on how to include sound healing in their classes, workshops and trainings. This is a full day in-person workshop in Marrickville designed specifically for yoga teachers. Class sizes are restricted due to COVID so you’ll need to act quickly if you want to secure your place.

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Barbara Courtille

Barbara Courtille

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Chakra Yoga Club

Join me on this exciting self-paced online course to dive deep into the Chakra system.

12-Month Online Membership

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Wise Yogini Oracle Cards

Crafted with great love, passion, and kindness, this set of 22 major arcana oracle cards are a powerful tool for connecting to your inner wisdom.

These unique Wise Yogini Oracle Cards are so easy to use and infused with yoga philosophy, tarot and the language of dream archetypes and they come with a guided ritual for greater insight and clarity. 

They are perfect gift for all lovers of yoga, or maybe even a special treat for yourself.

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