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Hooray! 2021 is here...

How was your transition into the new year?

As usual I spent it on retreat in nature doing lots of yoga, meditation and writing. 

On NYE I attended a Dukkha asana class which was really tough. The idea was that by experiencing suffering we create more compassion for other sentient beings. In this class we had to hold one pose per chakra for 7 minutes. Here is the sequence if you want to try it for yourself:

  1. Malasana (squat) 
  2. Utkata Konasana (Goddess pose) with arms up in cactus
  3. Navasana (Boat pose)
  4. Sphinx/Seal pose
  5. Matsyasana (fish pose)
  6. Balasana (child’s pose)
  7. Salamba Sirsasana (headstand)

For me poses 1-3 were really hard to hold that long, once we got to the heart chakra I finally got to give my body some relief.

After the asana class we did a lot of chanting and had a traditional fire ceremony where we wrote down the things we want to release and the things we want to cultivate in the new year. 

On new years day I spent the day reflecting, writing and setting my sankalpa for 2021 which is to deepen connections. This means that each time I get on my mat this year I already have my intention set.

Traditionally in Australia January is a time when not much happens. I have no wish to change that as I love entering the new year slowly, calmly and quietly.

With that in mind I have just released a new seasonal Yin and Sound workshop “BACK TO EARTH” to honour the late summer season for practitioners in the Southern Hemisphere.

This workshop will guide you to find deeper purpose and integrity as you yield to the support of Mother Earth.

Allow yourself to let go of unnecessary worry so that you can fully enjoy the abundance to the late summer season.

This 2 hour practice includes the vibrational medicine of crystal bowls to evoke healing, support relaxation and restore Chi flow. Best of all, it’s yours to keep and practice as many times as you like for only AU$19.

I wish you a quiet, peaceful and mindful entry into the new year!

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With gratitude 🙏

Barbara Courtille

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Yin Yoga Club

Yin Yoga Club is a transformational online program that will educate and empower you to apply the right Yin practice at the right time to achieve your specific goals and address your individualised needs.

In this course you will get lots of physical practice AS WELL AS an overview of the wisdom that underpins Yin yoga. This includes learning about Chi, the meridians, fascia, mindfulness, Daoism, and the five element theory.

Once you’ve gone through the course you will be empowered to know which Yin practice is suitable for your current situation.

Chakra Yoga Club

This is my signature  self paced online course designed to deepen your practice through the subtle energetic body.

In this course will learn how the chakras affect your physical, mental and emotional body.

You will learn to awaken the subtle body and connect with your highest source.

This creates more confidence, creativity and joy in your life.

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If you’ve been practicing Yin yoga for a while and you want to explore the practice more deeply then the next step is to commit to longer sessions with a  more intentional focus.

With my series of 2hr workshops you can spend more time to explore and deepen this quiet and powerful work in the comfort of your own home.

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These classes focus on the emotional, energetic and mental layers of the body.

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