Conscious Creative Expression

The elements of vibration and sound resonate here as we express ourselves to the world. Vissudha is the centre of communication and the intention here is to express ourselves clearly, truthfully and authentically.

We enter the upper chakras through the doorway of Vissudha the throat chakra. Here the energy becomes  more refined and subtle. The elements of vibration and sound resonate here as you express yourself to the world. Vissudha is the centre of communication and the intention here is to express yourself clearly, truthfully and authentically.

I’m sure you know that communication is the number one cause of relationship discord, and that it requires practice and finesse. One of the main characteristics to develop when working with this chakra  is the ability to listen before speaking, and to speak with kindness to avoid harm. Words are powerful and hold strong energy, once you release them we cannot take them back.

Meditation helps to find space between listening and speaking so that you can express yourself mindfully. Before speaking it’s useful to ask if your words are necessary, true and kind.

The throat chakra is a space of contemplation, a passage way from the heart to the head. Here you can pause to reflect on and purify your intentions.

When the energy is well balanced at Vissudha you can communicate simply and clearly without causing harm. It gives you the ability to communicate to large numbers of people eloquently and with grace. It is often the domain of poets, musicians, actors and anyone who uses voice or sound as their medium of expression.

An overactive charge at the throat chakra often results in speaking too much and/or too loudly.

An underative charge at the  throat chakra can result in being a good listener, but lacking the impetus to speak your mind. This can manifest as extreme shyness and can lead to social isolation.

It’s important to note that individual chakras do not act independently, but rather as a holistic system. To have the ability to communicate clearly relies on achieving balance in all the preceding chakras. It requires a sense of safety at Muladhara the root chakra, a trust in the creative flow at Svasdhisthana the sacral chakra, good self-esteem at Manipura the solar plexus chakra, and kindness at Anahata the heart chakra . These qualities all build on each other and support you as you move up the chakra system

I hope that the chakras inspires you in your own practice. If you’d like to learn how to incorporate this work and transform your yoga, join CHAKRA YOGA CLUB and find out how.

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Barbara Courtille