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Understanding how the chakras affect our physical, mental and emotional body creates more confidence, creativity, and joy in our lives

There are seven key points in the subtle body that are vortexes of prana (life force energy), known as chakras.

The chakra system is a part of you that you can’t see or touch, and is where your prana flows.

When prana becomes blocked in a chakra, it causes the life force to become sluggish, which can lead to depleted physical, mental, and emotional health.

Chakra yoga generates vibrant health by awakening our divine energy through the body and balancing the chakras for greater wholeness and integration

Chakra yoga focusses on freeing up stagnant or deficient prana to stimulate imbalanced chakras.

Finding balance in the chakra system regulates unhelpful behaviours, and helps to overcome outdated patterns, beliefs, and habits.

The chakra system is an evolutionary program that can be used to reprogram our lives

Learning about the chakra system will give you a powerful roadmap to navigate all the layers of yourself beyond the physical body.

You will be able to bring more awareness to the energetic, psychological, emotional, and mental layers of the body.

This increased awareness will allow you to have deeper wisdom, and give you greater access to reaching your full potential.

In addition, you will be part of a community to support and inspire you along the way.

Each chakra centre offers a significant step that moves us into alignment for enlightenment

The Chakra Yoga Club is a self-paced online program divided into 7 units to address the 7 major chakras.

Each unit contains classes in Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Sound healing, Journaling, Mythology and Philosophy.

It will take you approximately 50-75 hours to complete the units and you can return to them as many times as you like. Follow along at your own time to suit your schedule.

This is delivered via a private Facebook group where you are able to connect with other students and myself.

Each week we connect live to chat, ask questions and discuss our discoveries.

We feel the full impact of our spiritual potential when all our chakras are balanced

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What people say...

I have absolutely loved Chakra Yoga Club. Before starting I knew a little bit about chakras but there’s so much more than I realised and now I’m hooked! The classes have made me feel aligned and Barbara’s teaching style is creative and inspirational. The resources are great and I’m slowly adding the teachings into my life. I can’t speak highly enough of Barbara, she is approachable, empowering and so very colourful!

Sophie M


Chakra Yoga Club has been fun and delightful. I am thankful to have learned more of myself and energetic body. This has gifted my journey with more connection to the breath, earth and life!

Amanda B


Doing this course is like opening a treasure trove, rich with a variety of resources and learnings to explore while being able to do Barbara's asana classes at home, in my own time. The art journaling is expertly guided and fun too. I'm enjoying doing the course at my pace, absorbing all it has to offer without rush.

Jane T


Barbara Courtille founder of Yoginithreads specialises in using the Chakra system in all her practices from Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and Art.

With over 20 years of yoga practice under her belt she has developed her own unique style of teaching encouraging students to take their yoga off the mat and transform their lives.

In this course she will share this practical knowledge with you so that you can learn to awaken the subtle body and connect with your highest source.

Barbara’s approach to teaching is friendly, creative and inclusive.