Sound Healing Training for Yoga Teachers

Full day workshop with Barbara Courtille of Yoginithreads designed for yoga teachers who want to add sound healing to their offerings.

About this Event

This workshop is designed for yoga teachers who have the desire to add sound healing to their offerings. We will explore several methodologies with a strong emphasis on hands-on practice. You will have the opportunity to receive a sound healing and you will be creating and delivering your own sequence in a small group. You will be guided to find your unique voice and explore your creativity.

Sound can be used on its own as a meditation healing tool or in combination with many types of yogic practices. Learn about the effects of different sounds so that you can apply them appropriately according to your intention.

You do not need to be a musician for this module however it is encouraged (but not compulsory) that you bring an instrument to explore and experiment with.

There have many elements at your disposal to explore in sound healing which include frequency, timber, musical intervals, music, energy and intention. Some researchers view sound healing as vibrational medicine with the power to cure diseases, some see it as the medicine of the future. For the purpose of this workshop, we are focussing on the basic functions of sound to enhance wellbeing for yoga practitioners. In this context, sound healing is used as a complimentary modality to assist with soothing the nervous system and/or activating energy in the body.

This course is tailored to give maximum attention to all participants, therefore numbers are capped at 7 lucky students.


Sep 19 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Muso Lab
Muso Lab. 8 Shirlow Street, Marrickville NSW 2204
Barbara Courtille


Barbara Courtille
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