INTO THE BLUE FOR WINTER yin and sound workshop

Are you feeling blue?

Are your energy reserves low?

Are you experiencing dark emotions?

This workshop is specifically designed to be practiced during the winter months.

During this time you might feel your energy reserves dissipate which is an invitation from nature to slow down and and dive deep into your internal landscape.

In this workshop I invite you to explore this territory.

Often in yoga we focus on transformation, changing the energy from one state to another. However in this workshop I invite you to delve into what is, what arises, without trying to change anything.

This gives you permission to observe what happens when you allow yourself the space and time to linger in places that you may habitually avoid.

I invite you to embrace your complicated emotions, to be intrigued and curious by them. This approach to practice takes courage, and your reward is understanding yourself more deeply, giving you more self knowledge and awareness.

Winter is the perfect time to enter into this work, dive into the blue and enjoy all of its nuances, shades and tones.



110 minutes