About Me

Hi I’m Barbara Courtille and I’m here to help you deepen your yoga practice through the subtle body.
Yoga is much more than stretching and strengthening the body.
What you do with your physical body in Yoga is the tip of the iceberg.
With over 20 years for experience I have found that it’s what you do with the subtle body that will bring you the greatest benefits.
I have studied in several traditions over the years. Through Iyengar Yoga I found alignment and discipline, at Jivamukti Yoga I discovered the chakras, breath and devotion, Yin Yoga taught me acceptance and letting go,  and Sound Yoga deepened my connection to vibration and meditation.
I teach yoga full-time specialising in Chakra yoga, Yin yoga and Sound yoga.
I work with intermediate-experienced students and yoga teachers. Practice with me if you desire transformation at a soul level.
You can learn online with my short courses and workshops.
If you are in Sydney Australia, you can catch me at my regular workshops in the Inner West.
I would love to work with you and witness your spiritual growth through the art and science of Yoga.
When I’m not on my yoga mat you can find me making art or writing. 
Creativity is a big part of my life. My yoga practice which I consider a spiritual practice allows the constant flow of creative energy to flow through me.  
I am so grateful to have these powerful practices at the centre of my life.
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Chakra Yoga

Working with the chakras is a great way to create more confidence, creativity and joy in your life.

That’s because the chakra system is closely aligned with your energetic, mental and emotional body.

Each chakra teaches you about different aspects of yourself and brings you clarity of purpose.

Chakra yoga helps helps you to enhance your yoga practice and to take those teachings into your daily life.

  • Chakra yoga focuses on generating vibrant health by awakening your life force energy (prana).

  • Chakra yoga helps you to deepen your practice beyond the physical so that you can bring more awareness and clarity to your life.

  • Chakra yoga helps you to overcome challenges in your life by connecting to your inner wisdom.

The chakra system is a powerful roadmap to navigate all the layers of the subtle body.

You can learn more about how to work with the chakras in my short online course CHAKRA YOGA CLUB.

If you are a yoga teacher, learning the chakra system will bring more creativity to your teaching. This will allow you to develop your own unique voice and style of teaching.

Your students will love you for it!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a beautiful passive practice informed by the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dao philosophy.

It works on the subtle body by clearing the energy channels that run through the connective tissues of the body.

Yin yoga is especially beneficial to enhance flexibility and hydrate connective tissue  and joints.

Yin yoga uses meridian theory and the 5 elements of nature to increase blood flow, boosting the immune system and soothing the nervous system.

In addition to the physical and energetic benefits, Yin yoga is a wonderful way to deepen your meditation practice.

  • Yin yoga is a slow, passive and mindful practice.

  • Yin yoga helps to keep the body hydrated and supple.

  • Yin yoga relaxes the mind and allows time to sink into the mental, emotional and wisdom layers of your body.

My short online course YIN YOGA CLUB shows you how to use Yin yoga to create transformation in your energetic, emotional and mental states.

You may also want to dedicate some time for yourself and explore one of my  Yin and Sound workshops.

Or try out one of my specialised Yin classes to target a particular issue you might be dealing with.

Sound Yoga

Sound is a big part of the yoga tradition which regards all of life as being made up of vibration.

Sound Yoga is a form of vibrational medicine that works with relaxation, allowing the body to absorb the vibrations created by sound healing instruments. 

Absorbing these healing vibrations creates a sense of peace while clearing the body of emotional clutter and mind stuff.

I use sound in my practice and teaching to connect with the inner vibrations of the subtle body.

Using sound with yoga helps you to dive more quickly and more deeply into a meditative state.

I use drums, crystal bowls, bells and chimes in combination with Yin yoga and/or meditation.

  • Sound yoga is a passive practice designed to ease you into a blissful meditative state.

  • Sound yoga invites deep relaxation that soothes the nervous system and aids in releasing stress. 

  • Sound yoga is easy, enjoyable and a very effective way to induce a sense of peace and wellbeing.

I am currently creating a short online course SOUND YOGA CLUB that explores this work more deeply. This will also include the more active aspect of Sound Yoga by teaching  to chant sacred mantras.  Join my mailing list for the updates.

Contact me to book a session at your studio, event, home or office.

You will love it!